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July 8, 2014

BankID and the missing push notification

Something that’s been bothering me lately; wouldn’t it be nice if I got a push notification (which would launch the BankID app on my phone) when trying to login to a website using BankID?

“It can’t be that hard, can it?”

July 6, 2014

My new favourite waste of time.

May 9, 2014

Dear friends - it’s that day of the week.

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May 3, 2014

This sure looks interesting; testing an app that requires an account, without having to create one upfront.

April 12, 2014

“How many great civilizations have come before us and perished without trace in all that time?”

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January 25, 2014

Conference calls, IRL style.

January 5, 2014

Snoop Dogg goes Snoop Lion goes Snoopzilla; seems like we’re finally getting closer to that perfect sound machine.

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January 1, 2014

Your very own DJ controller

Let’s make 2014 even better by backing this awesome project; design your own DJ controller.